Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blender Magazine

The NY Times says, "Blender magazine is ceasing publication with its April issue..."

What?! This is too coincidental. I was seriously just on the verge of subscribing. That's true! I'm glad I didn't, or my $10 or $17.97 might have gone down the drain. I saw they had a terrific deal on the little card that comes with the magazine, with the subscription price working out to 50 cents an issue. At the newsstand it is $4.99 per copy.

When did I first hear of Blender magazine? Just this past Sunday. This is true. What timing. I was at the Walgreen's ... and I don't usually buy magazines ... hardly ever ... when I decided to do a little fun Sunday afternoon reading. And, what do we have here? A cool Kelly Clarkson cover, something called Blender. Never heard of it. $4.99? A little high, but that's what they're getting these days. So I bought it.

And since Sunday I've been thinking, I need to get that card going. Or subscribe online.

And now, Thursday, wham, they're out of business! Good, good grief.

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