Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First Ones Voted Off

I wasn't unhappy with American Idol's results tonight. Everyone has to fall except one, so it's good to start with the bad ones. Or mediocre.

People have big dreams but not everyone's going to make it to the top. I should know. I've labored fruitlessly for years trying to realize my dream. It's been so long I forgot what it was. There was the dream I had when I was five of someday being a fireman. Never happened. But I'm sure that's not the dream I had in mind. Well, maybe it'll come to me.

So tonight we had Jasmine Murray going home first. I guess I didn't know her last night. I must have heard it at some point but when I heard it tonight it wasn't familiar. I thought she was very cute from the start. But... the performances seemed lackluster. Not terrible though.

The other one going home was Jorge Nunez, which has to make all of Puerto Rico mad. He was definitely a guy to be proud of, like Jasmine. A good guy, full of heart. He did a Michael Jackson song, "Never Can Say Goodbye," that was, again, not great. It didn't sound much better tonight. It wasn't jazzed up in any way. So I'm not sorry to see him go.

They have a new rule, that one time in the season the judges can "save" someone who was voted out. They didn't take advantage of the rule tonight, which was to be expected. At this point, just let things shake out as they must.

Kelly Clarkson did a hot version of her new record, "My Life Would Suck Without You." I just got her new CD today. Haven't had time to listen to it, and now that it's bedtime, I'll have to put off that pleasure till some other time.

I'm pulling for Adam Lambert all the way. He's the one!

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