Friday, March 20, 2009

Questioning My Sanity

The news is the stuff of all oddballs, all the time. Sometimes I'm seriously wondering if I'm insane and reading it wrong. I very well could be. In which case this won't make a bit of sense, but will be like all the papers flapping on the wall in the movie, "A Beautiful Mind."

President Obama makes a joke about the Special Olympics? I love the guy but c'mon. Does he have a secret plan or is he just trying to feed himself to the conservatives? I see that on the headlines and I have to wince.

World's deadliest spider found in Tulsa, no antidote for its bite, if there is a bite?

A suicide forest in Japan?

Joe The Plumber tells a gathering of conservatives he's "horny"? Of course plumbers are all about pipes and fittings and things. As for sex among conservatives, all I can think of is David Vitter, diapers and hookers. They're a self-loathing bunch and I'm sure their action is very much a dead end affair.

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