Monday, March 30, 2009


I just saw an article at Huff Post on how getting rid of clutter might not do good things for you. I didn't actually read it but I think the gist of it was just that, going by the first sentence and headline.

It always seems to me like it'd do good. But I haven't ever been able to do it. Maybe I'll need that. Maybe I'll sell that. Maybe, maybe, maybe. And there are actually things I need all the time. But if I didn't have it I'd probably be able to manage somehow. And just because I have this thing, I don't have some other thing and am able to get along OK.

It's spring, and that's the time to spring clean. I've got the bug if not the time and follow through.

I feel like I would feel better if I were to look at my room and see fewer things and those things in some kind of order. As it is, I'm sitting in the most cluttered room that (perhaps) I could imagine.

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