Wednesday, March 25, 2009

President Smart

Tom Shales today twice refers to President Obama as President Wonderful, as in this:

So it was that even though Obama did look tired, and had to wrestle with a seemingly faulty prompting device, and wasn't quite as energetic as in many of his other TV appearances, he still came out victorious -- not just President Wonderful but President Feel-Good as well.
I didn't think Obama looked all that tired, really, not compared to what a normal guy would look like with his schedule and demands. And as far as being energetic, there's something about him -- probably so -- that consciously sets a tone and sticks to it. He's conveying a point of view by his manner, quiet confidence. That's the President Feel-Good side.

He also clearly was President Wonderful, or as we would term it here at our place, President Smart. As in, "I can't believe how smart he is!" and "Isn't he smart!?" He is smart. He's got it going on, and, maybe as a counterpoint, he has the advantage of having followed George Bush as president. There aren't many advantages to doing that -- look up "apocalyptic" and "rubble" in the dictionary -- but coming across as very smart is one thing he can claim.

I'm still 100% on board for anything Obama wants to do. And Congress crosses him at their own peril. Yeah, I'm looking right at you, stinking Republican members of that august body!

In other news, Bobby Jindal, in a bit of self-deprecating humor, said his recent speech rebutting President Obama is no longer allowed to be played at Gitmo. Was it ever? We need to look into that.

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