Sunday, March 29, 2009

Don't Blame Drug Addicts?

I'm amazed at the ferocity of the right wingers and how little it takes to get their shorts in a knot. In the Bush years we had the whole thing about "Don't blame America for 9/11" when there were those who were trying to do so. Including, as I recall, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. But there were others -- like talking about social responsibility, understanding terrorists, etc. -- who made it sound like causes had effects, that sort of thing, and that it wasn't just that the "terr'ists hated our freedoms."

OK, point taken. Blaming America isn't the way to go.

So now Hillary Clinton goes to Mexico and says some of the problems Mexico is having with drug cartels and beheadings thereby has something to do with our drug problem in the United States, drug dealers and addicts. And wouldn't you know it, here comes the right wingers (one I heard of, this guy Bill Sammons from Fox; even Chris Matthews jumped on this dead end bandwagon)! "It's Blame America First all over again."

Excuse me. But in this case there is some cause and there is some effect. Now I know you can't easily say which came first, the chicken or the egg (actually I think you can, obviously the chicken -- "Let there be chickens, and there were chickens), but you can say there is a distinct correlation between supply and demand when it comes to illegal drugs.

And anyway, since when did drug dealers and addicts become the kind of Americans we feel like standing up for? "Hey, Clinton, what are you doing besmirching our patriotic drug dealers and addicts?" Don't these cretins cause pain and suffering for all our society? We don't have to say they are America, and that when you insult them you're insulting us all.

C'mon, at least have a brain. Do you hate Obama and Clinton SO MUCH that you just have to reflexively fight the same churlish fights of the Bush years and the first Clinton years at every whipstitch? It's ridiculous.

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