Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Find-A-Grave -- Shemp Howard

I love Shemp of the Three Stooges.

I've been watching the films after he replaced Curly.

Shemp is genuinely and wildly funny. I laughed really hard when Moe got his foot crushed by a car falling on it. When they got him out, Shemp says, "So how was it? Pretty heavy?" Something like that. A funny, funny line.

Here's Shemp's final resting place. He's in a mausoleum, slid into a wall. He died in 1955.

I'm not going to "leave a note" at his grave's webpage, unless there's some indication that he's been reading them. But what would I say if I did? "Uh, Shemp, hi. Sorry you're dead. Some people, you may know, groan when they see you're going to be in the film instead of Curly. I love Curly, too, but I don't groan (anymore), because I think you're very great. How are the other three? Are they where you are? Do all Stooges go to heaven?"

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