Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Republican Lunatics

Watching the Republican lunatics on David Shuster's show (MSNBC) is an exercise best left to those not prone to bang their head against the wall in disbelief.

Some people who are either so craven they'll say absolutely anything, or are actually certifiable, decide to run for office, or become Republican strategists and apologists. It makes you wonder how so many actual nuts can persuade the people of their districts to elect them.

The Republicans presented their April Fool's budget today, which, according to the reports, is the same old same old, warmed over ideas that have already failed. Bush league stuff. They're pushing bills in Congress about protecting the American currency when it's not actually under attack. They're taking tinfoil stuff as gospel and jinning up their base. You'll remember their base, those lunatics who went to McCain/Palin rallies and called for violence against Obama.

The regrettable thing is they don't wait for the full moon but they're always like this. Give them any idiotic conspiracy theory -- any means of raising a ruckus over some imaginary threat -- and they're howling at the moon. You hear their theories as they filter down to the masses through Fox News and other sources of mental pollution. Someone's out to shut down Christian radio, someone's out to close down churches, someone's out to take away our guns, someone's out to make a one world government, someone's out to make the price of bread $40 a loaf.

We need more civics classes and fewer crazy talk shows.

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