Thursday, April 09, 2009

No Honorary Degree For Obama

President Obama is going to give the commencement address at Arizona State University, but he's "too inexperienced" to get an honorary degree, which they apparently normally give to their commencement speakers.

That's a laugh. The guy has more profound experience in life than anyone I can think of. You don't come from nowhere like he did and rise up through the ranks of society to be President of the United States without some kind of smarts. Notice I didn't say his daddy was president and he had the same name as his daddy. Obama was an average kid who worked very very hard.

But, hey, what good's an honorary degree anyway. It's not like he needs it to go places. But it seems like it would be good for Arizona State's reputation, if nothing else, to give him one. I'd think it be more to their credit than anything. What are they afraid of exactly. If anyone qualifies, he certainly must.

I wouldn't mind having a few honorary degrees. If anyone wants to confer some on me. I could be like the Scarecrow, if I had a "Doctor of Thinkology." I could look on the internet (aka The Information Superhighway) because there's surely someone who confers honorary degrees for a fee.

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