Thursday, April 16, 2009

Threatening Secession

Hmm, I feel like I'm in some weird parallel universe. With the Republicans and other right wing wackos doing all these funky shenanigans, apparently because they've been out of power for around 100 days.

Isn't it strange? Didn't we have eight years of bluster about how America could do no wrong and lusty shouts of "USA! USA! USA!" virtually without end? And now that the Republicans are out of power, they want their states and districts to secede from the Union? Can this be happening?!

Weren't they the Super-Patriots of all time there for a while? And now could it be that they no longer love America enough to stay in it? Texas and Georgia both want to leave the Union and be their own separate countries? Good grief, in what completely absurd mindset does this even remotely seem like a good idea??

I read somewhere that Gov. Rick Perry might have ambitions for national office. What national office? To be president of the nation of Texas? How could he run for president of the United States, let's wonder, if he just openly advocated for secession from the Union? Wouldn't that put a damper on a guy's ability to seek the office and govern effectively if somehow -- God forbid -- he were elected?

I'm laughing ... but I'm also crying a little bit ... Is this what the Republicans are made of, seriously? They're so bummed out about being out of power for a little bit, so much so that they don't even want to be Americans anymore?

It's so absurd it's like performance art.

By the way, what is treason? And how is any of this different from treason?

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