Saturday, April 04, 2009

What To Do With Old Batteries

I've been going through batteries in a serious way ... since embarking on the unpleasant task of digitizing my life. This means taking my old papers, documents, and either scanning them (which is very slow) or photographing them (which is very fast). The quality on photographing them is of course not as good, but it's good enough. Some of this stuff is very trivial.

But my camera goes through batteries, a set of four, after around 350-380 photos. Then I not only need to change them, but when the old batteries go out I also need to reset my preferences on the camera because it all goes back to default. I've been thinking about the impact of throwing away the batteries.

Actually in my area they say they're crunching down the garbage and making it into energy of some sort, so maybe old batteries is exactly what they need. I'm pretty good at recycling things. For example, I'm recycling my old documents. After they're photographed they're shredded and taken away with the recycling.

I looked on the internet and there were some pointers for getting rid of batteries. I like one guy's suggestion, which is to do exactly what I'm doing, just throw them away. That's a great suggestion. I appreciate it anytime anyone takes the time to state the obvious option.

In my search I saw some other interesting things, such as how to dispose of cooking grease. And again, the obvious option seems like the best one, just throw it away in the garbage. It can be a mess if it starts leaking, but that's a small price to pay not to have a house full of grease containers stockpiled.

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