Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swirling The Drain?

I haven't caught the news today especially. Are the Republicans still swirling the drain? I hope so, although I'd like to have a slightly wider drain installed so they would go down it once and for all.

I see the contest in Minnesota is still being delayed, stretched out by that champion of democracy, Norm Coleman. Now he apparently wishes that the election could be nullified, then presumably the voters would get another chance to reject him. He's come a long way from wringing his hands the day after the election that the voters' precious tax dollars would be wasted by prolonging the contest, that is, when Al Franken appeared to be behind.

It looks like Coleman doesn't care about the precious tax dollars now, or anything, except prolonging the inevitable to simply cause mischief with the Senate. This is a guy we definitely need a wider drain for, and plenty of Liquid Plumbr to rinse down after him to make sure he's gone for good.

That's all I know today. So if The Party Of No has carried on with any of their usual idiotic shenanigans, I either don't know about it or don't remember.

I did see an interesting article somewhere early this morning about the Club For Growth. I haven't paid attention to this. But they seem to be an advocacy group for stricter conservative toeing of the line in the party, leading to some insults and hard feelings among the remaining five or six moderate Republicans still in the party. Some of the Republican senators, as I recall, wishes the Club For Growth would target Democrats more.

No, no, that wouldn't work. Keep eating your own. We'll let the Democrats in this scenario be the two little goats in the Billy Goats Gruff story. And when the trollish Club For Growth comes out from under the bridge, we can say, "We're so small and scrawny. Wait for my bigger brother. He makes a much better meal." Of course our Big Brother, from the Bush years, you see, represents the Republicans.

Oh, in the story the third brother butts the troll off the bridge. But in this case we want the troll to eat the Big Brother, then feel regret and dive to his own death, landing in a flaming heap at the bottom of a very sharp rocked ravine.

Or to keep with my original image, we will widen the drain for them as well, put after them about 10 gallons of Drano, and they'll be gone. No fuss, no muss.

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