Sunday, April 05, 2009

Easter Candy

This is the week that is so important to us all. The week when we get Easter candy and it feels right to eat it.

Most of the time, those white and light purple and light blue eggs don't appeal to me. The colors of Easter are so anemic looking, the light pastels, meant, I guess, to suggest babyhood and little bunnies. But leading up to Easter, what was so putrid looking just a few weeks ago, suddenly looks appropriate.

So there will be that bright grass, those bright plastic eggs that break apart at the equator, and all the rest. It's a great time for chocolate rabbits, but you have to be careful. Easter is also a time for fly by night, never-heard-of-them candy companies to ply their wares. You can tell their stuff. It has a very generic, cheap look. The chocolate tastes like some kind of funky off-chocolate flavor. If you read the small print you're afraid to eat it.

I'm definitely in a mood for candy. Another problem, though, with buying Easter candy, is the suspicions I have that they jack the price up for it. Whereas you can find just regular candy at the normal high price. I like to shop and compare, to see how many ounces it is, all the rest.

Easter candy brings up memories of childhood, that's for sure. Speaking of chocolate rabbits, that's always the thing I think of. The severe disappointment it was to bite into a chocolate rabbit and find it was hollow. Or the even more severe disappointment to find that your parents, I mean the Easter Bunny, bought you candy from one of these fly by night candy companies. That was such a downer. I'll have more to say about them!

One of the best candies, and I hardly ever see them, are those chocolate rabbits about five inches tall that have chocolate on the outside and chewy marshmallow stuff on the inside. Then there's Peeps, which don't excite me. Still, I guess they're good. I don't know.

OK, about these fly by night companies that you never hear of any other time. What? Are these people unemployed all year, then churn out the Easter candy around January till a couple weeks before Easter? I never cease to be amazed that there are so many candy companies that you never hear of and yet, presumably, are staffed by actual people on actual machines putting it out. Raise your standards, people! Your candy, by and large, sucks!

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