Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Adam! Adam! Adam!

On American Idol, it's gotten to the point where it either needs to be Adam or no one. Seriously, the guy is so good, if he doesn't win I'll never watch the show again. What's the use?

I had to catch it on tape again last night -- too many meetings in my life. The upside of this is that I miss all the commercials and can speed through the other performances when they hit their boring stride. So as it turned out I didn't see any complete performance by any of the contestants except for Adam. I might have seen 90% of Allison's or maybe I saw the whole thing.

I like Allison even though I'm not hoping for an Allison win. If she came in second, that'd be great.

The others, though, whoa, what a load of rubbish. What boring song choices, what an old fogey vibe coming from each and every one of them. They'd put people in the nursing home to sleep, it's that bad. I can't sit and watch these pathetic performances.

At this point it's got to be Adam! All the way, him or no one!

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