Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mutual Of Omaha Vs. Oprah

The Mutual of Omaha company owns the phrase "an aha moment." And took legal action against Oprah for using it on her show.

Isn't that a phrase we've been saying for years? I really don't know. It's not one I use, that I can recall; I'm not saying I never have and I'm not saying I ever will. I don't want to be sued for everyday talking.

Oops, I hope there's nothing in that last paragraph that someone has copyrighted, except me by virtue of writing it here. It's just "Everyday Talking." Someone probably owns that phrase, and look, I used it unknowingly. Hope it's not Mutual of Omaha, since it looks like they don't take kindly to people saying things, ordinary words.

Maybe the rock group "Aha" ought to sue Mutual of Omaha. But they might send Marlin Perkins out to subdue them with a tranquilizer dart. And carry them in from the savanna.

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