Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Republicans Not Hurting Obama

It was great to read an article today at Politico about how all the Republican sniping at President Obama isn't really affecting him that much. He remains popular and they remain dismally unpopular.

Now we have all the crud coming out about the torturous years of the Bush administration (unfortunately in more senses of the word than the fact that we suffered him). They literally tortured people, repeatedly, and in the worst possible way. The Bush administration was populated by out and out criminals. So that can't help the Republicans' reputation any, since they're still rah-rah'ing Bush for "keeping us safe."

I saw a video of someone who was doing some of this rah-rah'ing. And David Sirota was the antagonist against her. She wouldn't answer the question, "Did Bush keep us safe on 9/11?" David asked it repeatedly. It was hilarious, although maddening. He kept us safe, she said, for "nine years." Since his presidency was only eight years, I guess he got a running start sometime in 1999. It's like saying my doctor's an excellent doctor, except that one day when he accidentally cut off my legs.

Her big excuse for 9/11 was mind blowing, that Bush had only been president for a few months, therefore it wasn't any responsibility of his. Which, think about it, brings up the question, Why are the Republicans continually dumping on Obama? Since he's only been president a few months. Actually by 9/11 Bush was president close to eight months. So that means Obama should have around another five months without Republican opposition, because he's not really responsible yet.

Ha! Can you imagine the Republicans' response if 9/11 happened on Obama's watch? Not eight months in, but now, or back on January 21. They'd have his hide! I mean look at what they do now. If he wears brown shoes, they should've been black. They were literally criticizing him for his clothes, whether he wears a jacket in the Oval Office. Sheesh. Or Michelle, no sleeves.

It's good to know that these pests, the Republicans, aren't doing any serious damage.

And by the way, their recent carping about Obama shaking Hugo Chavez' hand ... I'm more upset when he shakes the Republicans' hands. The ones in Congress and the media are out and out treasonous.

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