Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shut Up, Republican Moron

President Obama did the exact right thing in being a nice guy at this meeting of leaders from the western hemisphere. Including Hugo Chavez.

But you know who he probably shouldn't meet with, some of his Republican critics. Who basically spend everyday simply looking for something to nitpick. Here's our loser of the day:

Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) told CNN today that it was "irresponsible" for Obama to be seen "laughing and joking" with the Venezuelan president.
Good grief. You believe in gun rights, right? Shoot me now. This is getting ridiculous.

Yes, maybe Chavez isn't the world's greatest guy. But if we can't engage other people around the world without the Republicans nitpicking and scolding, please, what do these jackals think diplomacy is exactly? You don't need diplomacy only for your friends. In fact, it seems obvious you need it more for those who might not be your friends. Sheesh.

If Obama can be a nice guy, that's being diplomatic. What would Ensign (this jerk) want him to do, spit in Chavez' face?

Anyway, saying Chavez isn't the world's greatest guy isn't to say he's all bad. Remember, he did call George W. Bush "the devil" that one time. He was right on that score. Although it would've been helpful if he'd've added a few choice adjectives, like "George W. Bush is a low down, deceiving, skunk of a devil" or something colorful like that. Just to make it more accurate.

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