Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Beatles Remastered

How does this happen without someone periodically peeking his or her head out and saying how it's going? Like, "We're up to the 'Help' album and work is proceeding very nicely, thank you.'

Instead, there's complaints that the Beatles' albums aren't remastered and no one says, "Hold your horses."

Then we're going along, innocently minding our own business, and -- bam -- the news comes out that all the albums have been remastered, over a period of four years, and that they'll be for sale on one day in September 2009.

Wow. It's something like 12 normal albums, then the "Past Masters" CDs, that will be released that day. Plus they'll have all the albums that had mono releases released in mono at the same time.

These will no doubt be expensive packages. So ... start saving now.

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