Monday, April 20, 2009

Cheney - Blah!

You remember Cheney, the ex-vice president and current scumbag extraordinaire? The guy's out of office but that doesn't stop him from doing his level best to muck up the world some more. Of course he doesn't have a shred of dignity, but with his post vice-presidency he's delving into minus points territory.

When he was veep, we had no idea where the idiot was. Now that he's out of office, he's up with the morning sun and basically blocking our view. His dark shadow dims every day. And what's he got to say for himself? Nothing much for himself. But he keeps close tabs on President Obama, and guess what, he doesn't like anything Obama does. That's kind of weird for a guy who ran a warmongering, criminal enterprise while he was in office. It seems like someone like that would at least have enough self-interest to keep his yap shut now.

I'd keep my yap shut if I were him, because of course Obama has enough goods on Cheney to lock him away for life, however short that may be, since he about keeled over from heart troubles 10 years ago. Sheesh.

OK, what terrible thing has Obama done now? Pull Dick's string. Hear Dick speak. Speak, Dick, speak. On second thought, please spare us, moron.

Oh, OK, what's he got to say this time? He's criticizing Obama (yawn) for daring to shake the hand of Hugo Chavez. That's going to make us weak, going to make our enemies think we're pushovers, make .... oh, who cares?

After all, thanks to Cheney's idiotic policies while in office, we haven't got the luxury right this minute of going to war with everyone in the world. Maybe we need to give peace a chance, if that's OK with the war criminals. I say put Cheney on trial. Give him a fair trial. And when the guilty verdict comes in, let the penalty fit the crimes.

Then go after his underling, George W. Bush. He's probably just as guilty. Ignorance is no excuse, right?

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