Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Pirate Guy Went Free

I prefer these kinds of stories in hindsight than having to endure all the nailbiting intensity along the way. Now that I hear how it turned out, that the captain of the ship went free and the pirates were killed (3 out of 4 ain't bad), I'm happy to hear about it.

I know pirates need to eat, too, but now three of them don't. Throw them overboard and let the sharks have them. And if the fourth one accidentally falls in, maybe pick a different line of work next time. I have sympathy for their families, if they have them. But it's like Jesus said, "Live by the cutlass, die by the cutlass."

It's better to have the seas free of this kind of stuff. Like they taught us in school, "Keep your hands off your neighbor's stuff." Or maybe it was, "Keep your eyes off your neighbor's paper." The key thing is that your neighbor's paper and stuff isn't your domain. You need to be centered on your own thing.

Of all the stories from the past, pirate stories were always among the coolest. Circus stories are the absolute coolest, but pirates were right up there. I didn't hear many of them but definitely liked the whole idea of burying and digging up buried treasure. I just don't like pirates in real life. But I do like circuses in real life.

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