Friday, April 24, 2009

Republicans Wanted To Investigate Clinton

To say Republicans wanted to investigate Clinton is to state a truism. Can you remember a single thing the Republicans did in the Clinton years but investigate Clinton? They did nothing else.

But then even after his presidency they wanted to have an investigation into the Marc Rich pardon and who knows what all else? Remember they wasted eight years and some $40 million investigating some small potatoes land deal he and Hillary were involved in.

Now, though, of course, they think investigations of past administrations, such as the obvious crimes of the Bush administration, are a no no, something that must not be done lest there be the slightest hint of partisanship.

Bah. The Republicans must know by now where they can shove their constant carping.

They allowed and covered up for actual, full blown crimes in the Bush years. These things need to be checked into, and anyone found guilty must be held accountable.

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