Friday, April 03, 2009

Boats And Pets

There was an interesting article the other day somewhere -- the NY Times, I believe -- about abandoned boats. These were fancy boats and somewhere where they have water, so I'm thinking it could be the ocean area to the east.

That's a problem I had never imagined could exist. It never occurred to me that someone would just abandon a boat. File off the identifying numbers and name and ditch it, whether by sinking it or just leaving it stranded on the bank.

There was something about them being too expensive to sell. Whatever. Sell it for 20 bucks to someone. At least you get 20 bucks and it's legal; it's someone else's problem at that point. Just because you're not going to get $100,000, it's still 20 bucks.

What a weird thing that is, because of the current economic crisis.

The other thing I saw -- and this one I don't remember anything about where it was -- was about pets being dropped off or given to shelters. Because they can't afford them again, I'm thinking. It has to happen, I suppose. Poor things.

I was thinking of the economy today when I needed to go buy pet food. A big sack of cat food (which lasts quite a while) for $12.44. Six 4 packs of wet cat food at $1.36 per pack. A box of wet dog food for $7.28. It adds up. But they give us love.

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