Wednesday, April 08, 2009

American Idol -- Late Edition

When in doubt, write about American Idol. It's the oldest standby in the world for someone with a slowing metabolism and slowing thoughts.

Although I should be thinking clearly and with good rapidity, having just worked out. My collar's sweaty; that ought to prove something. I was on on the treadmill for 1.17 miles, which feels pretty far. I put it on 15 minutes plus 3 minutes cool down each time and it always goes about that far. 4.1 mph. I was having a good time. Then I did some weights. I neglected the weights for a while and my arms feel sore now that I've been hitting them again. I guess I got back to it just in time. Then a few ab crunches and I hit the road for home.

Anyway, American Idol. I missed it last night -- I have some appointments I have to keep and it seems like they fall on Tuesday nights. But I watched it today on tape.

Some of the Am Id's aren't working hard enough. I'm looking right at you, Lil Rounds. Then you have those who are musically gifted but lack spark and star quality. I'm very bold to say that, seeing that I personally lack musical talent and spark and star quality. But I know it when I see it! And I'm not seeing it in you, Scott McIntyre. (That's his name, right?) Some of them I forget quickly, but today I was just thinking of the old name of Chickeasy. I wonder how he is.

Danny Gokey is doing a good job. But I am bored out of my mind at him personally. I just don't see any excitement there. Matt Giraud is pretty good. Kris Allen, eh. Allison, I like. She's second best. I'm forgetting someone, and it's not Adam. Someone else. Lil, Scott, Danny, Matt, Kris, Allison ... one other person ... then Adam Lambert. Adam Lambert is a killer contestant. He's the absolute best.

I don't see American Idol ever having another as exciting as Adam ever again. This is the season and they'll search high and low without ever finding anyone like him again. They've found the best. Now what?

Hey, I wish they'd quit saying the performances are available for downloading at iTunes. I go there and they're not available for a couple days. You can "pre-order" only. What's that all about?

I'm sure there was another contestant. Who?

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