Friday, March 27, 2009

You Say You Want A Revolution?

"You go carryin' pictures of Tom Delay,
You ain't gonna make it with anyone anyway."

Michelle Bachmann, the crazy lady in Congress, against whom I proudly gave money in the last election (should have been more), is calling for a revolution. Right here in the United States!

In short, she thinks Barack Obama is a tyrant, that he is making "the people suffer and mourn," and that he's taking us down "the lane of economic Marxism." In short, she's a wacko. You know, they had a bill the other day that presidential candidates should have to show their birth certificate. Maybe we need a few rules for congressional candidates too, like needing to have a working knowledge of reality. And perhaps a commitment to reason.

Where was she, anyway, when we were being governed by certifiable criminals, in the Bush years? You know these guys are actually afraid of being charged as war criminals, because they would very likely be found guilty. If anyone should have been calling for a revolution, it seems like it'd be in a situation where the cause was explicitly manifest. But no, our Democratic congressmen and women were working through legitimate electoral means. Bush was crap, of course -- Cheney too -- but we weren't as worked up as all that, at least to the point of trying to overthrow the government, for crying out loud. You'd think these conservative radicals would at least wait till Obama knows his way around the White House.

Bachmann was crazy before the last election, going on Hardball and essentially saying that the others in Congress hated America. This is the level of her thinking, moronic. Then she backed up and said she didn't say it. Then ... I don't know what all she said. You don't expect truth to come out of their lying mouths.

By the way, this whole "Revolution" thing was part of an interview with Sean Hannity, so you can tell that actual treason is in the air.

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