Sunday, March 22, 2009

Republicans Pessimistic On Economy

Have I ever mentioned how repulsed I am by Republicans, especially the Republican crooks in Congress and government? My feelings haven't softened up any, and things are getting worse for them the more they rag on President Obama and wish our country down the drain. Disgusting bunch.

Now we have this bombshell from the NY Times: "G.O.P. Wary of White House Optimism on Economy." That's right. Big surprise. They don't see any good in any policy unless it's their own slipshod party making the decisions. If Bush twiddled his thumbs and shredded the Constitution, that's no problem. But if anyone else makes a decision with the idea of improving things for the general well being of the country, the Republicans are right there with their big wet blanket. Maybe that's the big tent they always say they have. A big wet tent that looks like a big wet blanket and performs the same function.

Here's the lede to the story:

A top economic adviser to President Obama said on Sunday that she was confident that the economy would begin to rebound this year, a message starkly contradicted by Republican leaders who expressed doubts about the growing deficit.
They don't say "We hope so!" "Wouldn't that be great!" "More power to him!" "People will be suffering less now!" Nothing like that. They simply "starkly contradicted" it, expressing doubts, talking it down, lest things improve and we get the country back on track. Filthy, vile bunch of ne'er-do-wells.

We need people in this country to be on the same page. Enough political gamesmanship. Let the common good be something held in common. There's plenty of progress to be made and plenty of credit to go 'round. But no, if you're suffering in this bad economy, to the Republicans that's great news!

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