Saturday, May 23, 2009

Badmouthing The Republicans

I believe I overheard someone yesterday complaining about the Republicans.

Now, of course I complain about them on a regular basis. If the Republicans had a complaint center, I'd be over there all the time, rattling on about my latest grievances. Ha ha.

But the person I overheard struck me as a real salt of the earth person, who's giving everyone a chance to do their best. (The difference with me is that I will never give the Republicans another chance -- they've blown it.) But when you have someone who's willing to give them a chance, and she badmouths them anyway, that means they're screwing up and it's being noticed.

Sometimes I think it's not being noticed, that they're flying below the radar with some folks. So it was good to hear her saying something like, "I think President Obama is doing his best, but they just criticize him whatever it is, no matter what." In that kind of exasperated tone of, They're not looking out for our best interests, but their own purely partisan interests and bickering for the sake of bickering. That's true.

So, Republicans, keep up the good work ... or should I say the bad work ... Your report card is waiting for you in 2010 ... And listening to the salt of the earth saying you're doing a poor job, that's music to my ears. Beautiful music.

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