Monday, May 04, 2009

My George W. Bush Wad

Sorry to disappoint any readers at dbkundalini, but I already blew my George W. Bush wad for the day over at Pimp My Skivvies. That was what I could muster for the day.

It was sickening to see the report on Countdown, tonight hosted by David Schuster. I used to think that David was just reading from the prompter when Keith was away. But I've heard him numerous times stepping out in a fairly progressive way. He's not trying to be Mr. Objective, in other words, but is willing to talk about Bush's corrupt ways. They had a graphic on the screen, Bush's "Liebrary," which is very fitting.

But we got to see a reel of video of Bush as David spoke, and another guy, a Mr. Moore from Huffington Post. What is it with these little reels of video. They're about a minute long and they keep showing them over and over? What would be so hard about it for a major news organization, which isn't NBC one?, to make a five minute reel so we're not seeing the same thing over and over? I haven't gotten this one for a long time. In eight years of his presidency, surely he has generated at least five or 10 minutes of footage that they'd have access to.

The real treat would be not to even mention Bush. Which I know I'm doing, so who am I to talk? It was great to hear Mr. Moore say that Bush is persona non grata in his home state. I don't know Latin that well but I believe persona non grata literally means "a steaming turd." Which is obviously applicable to Bush.

OK, that's it for the day. Hey, who knew I had two George W. Bush wads to blow?

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