Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Time To Throw Specter Back

You know when you go fishing, and you haven't caught anything all day, and suddenly you snag something, you're not sure what it is, except it seems to be putting up a heck of a fight -- then it turns out to be an old rubber boot -- naturally you take a picture of it and release it back to the wild.

The Democrats went on a fishing trip and reeled in Arlen Specter. But what'd we get, a nice big whopper of a fish or just another rubber boot? The guy has proven himself in the last three days to be as worthless as they come. It's time to throw him back. Certainly we're not going to be having fish fries with the meat Arlen's providing the party!

Not only did he say he wouldn't be a loyal Democrat, that he wouldn't support the union thing, that he wouldn't support public health insurance, on and on, now he even says he hopes Norm Coleman actually beats Al Franken. I can't believe it! Inexplicably, Specter says, "There's still time for the Minnesota courts to do justice and declare Norm Coleman the winner."

What planet is this moron from exactly? Coleman got 312 fewer votes. It's usually the guy who gets the most votes who is the winner. So, who knows, in 2010, maybe Arlen will get the most votes and assume that he lost and we'll finally be rid of him.

I don't think he's any good. I think Arlen Specter is worthless. I always have. It seemed like it'd be better to have him on board than not. But it's time to throw him back. We were doing better without him.

Certainly in 2010 we want someone else. Primary Arlen Specter. I'm definitely in.

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