Thursday, May 14, 2009

Louise Rourke

I like old information, but I prefer that it lead to actual answers and not just questions.

I have an old postcard that I got somewhere, eBay or in an antique store at some point, and it has the name of Louise Rourke on it.

The postcard message was written by someone who was in Massachusetts at the time, writing to someone in New Hampshire. Specifically it was postmarked in Waltham, Mass., on October 16, 1909.

In the message the writer said to the recipient, "Louise Rourke is to be married soon."

So 1909, exactly 100 years ago. Let's say Louise did get married and had a few kids. Some of her great, great, great (however many greats it'd be) grandchildren would be out there. And maybe one of them would like to have an old postcard telling about her upcoming marriage. I think it'd be cool. Even though it doesn't tell any more about it than that.

100 years ago. I wonder how Louise's marriage worked out. Probably very well.

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