Thursday, May 07, 2009


I've been bugged by flies lately, no pun intended. I thought maybe something was wrong with my hearing a couple days ago and that it was just a passing thing.

It did turn out to be a passing thing, a fly, which kept passing, under my nose, by my ears, buzzing my hair, the back of my neck. This fly was like a dive bomber, probably the reincarnation of a Japanese airman from World War II. Even if reincarnation were true, though, would you go from being a man to being a fly? That seems like a real downgrading.

I got up, sat at the computer, and immediately there it was. A fly. Then it kept coming back, meaning my senses were still good. I wasted probably a cumulative 15 minutes trying to get him. But he wouldn't land that often, and when he apparently did land, there's so much junk in my computer room that he could've been anywhere.

I was thinking of the Star Wars line about the force being your guide. So I'm there with a rolled up newspaper swatting at the air. And by gosh, I actually hit him in mid air. That line about the force is actually very useful. It didn't kill him because soon he was buzzing around, but now he was going slower. So he was fazed.

Pretty soon he was in the corner and I started whacking and got him on the floor, at which point I proceeded to pulverize him -- in part to make sure he was dead and in part to be merciful in case he wasn't.

Now there's another fly in here even as I type this, so I will probably need the force at least one more time before the night is over.

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