Sunday, May 17, 2009

Elvis Presley - Guy Lambert - Adam Lambert

I was thinking Elvis' character in one of his movies was a Lambert, and it turns out that is right. In Double Trouble he was Guy Lambert. The illustration is from an Elvis Presley records and memorabilia guide (by Jerry Osborne), page 51.

I actually have the movie Double Trouble on DVD and could watch it again, but I don't think I will. The illustration's good enough. It's a pretty good movie though. Elvis is in Europe. It has something to do with secret agents and spies. And he leads a swinging rock band, at least they back him up. As the illustration indicates they're called "George and His G-Men." George is played by Monte Landis, an actor who later shows up in numerous episodes of The Monkees.

The point I'm making today -- and I do not think it is at all far-fetched -- is that Elvis playing a character named Guy Lambert was his way of endorsing Adam Lambert as the next American Idol. There's no other contestant who reminds us as much as Elvis. We could run down the list if you wanted. It's a small list at this point. Adam is the only one who fits the bill. And he's definitely the only Lambert.

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