Saturday, May 09, 2009

The More You Write

Writing, writing, writing is a good thing for the mind. I used to do a journal, kind of like a blog but it all ended up in a box, and of course it had a lot more personal details. It was an interesting discipline to write it virtually everyday. It meant I was able to write things in my professional life a lot easier. And of course to speak about those things without a lot of preparation.

I like what I hear about professional writers -- somebody I heard this of -- who get up and write for a solid hour or three hours maybe about anything. I'm never going to be a professional writer. One thing, I write like this, and this is a lot different than what you read in a book.

It'd be cool though to have that discipline. I do have it to a certain extent. Like setting a goal to write something everyday and then doing it. Even if it's no good, who cares. I try not to write too much meta, which is what this is, but hey ... I lapsed.

It doesn't make any difference anyway. No one's keeping track. There's no one to answer to.

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