Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cheney Ought To Shut Up

...but really, I guess I don't want him to. I wanted him to shut up till it was pointed out how much dead weight he is for the Republicans. Now, as long as I can turn him off, I want him to keep yakking it up. All the way through the 2010 elections would be great.

But he really ought to shut up. The guy's a continual reminder of the worst administration in anyone's memory. The Bush administration was one massive failure and a criminal enterprise at that. Anything that reminds us of that dark chapter in American history should obviously make the Democratic prospects brighter. Because you have to be one sicko to want to return to those perverted years.

And what Cheney's yakking it up about! LOL! How great torture is! Which of course they denied doing at the time, since they're pathological liars. And how Obama is not keeping us safe. Which brings up a great point. Just once I'd love to hear one of the worthless talking heads on TV say, "Mr. Cheney, you have pointed that that President Obama is not keeping us safe." He's nodding in the affirmative. "Remind us again where you were on 9/11." Why the country ever gave Bush and Cheney a pass for 9/11 has been a mystery to me.

Anyway, if I'm Cheney, mum's the word. As much as a criminal as he is, I would definitely exercise my right to remain silent.

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