Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Automatic Shower Cleaner

On paper the automatic shower cleaner has to be a good idea. You have it hanging there, you push the button, it beeps to give you time to close the door, then it sprays, and, theoretically, it's cleaning the shower. It probably is. But I don't know, maybe a whole army of mildew eating bacteria couldn't get my shower clean.

I haven't noticed any difference in three or four days.

The only difference I've noticed is the inconvenience to me personally having the automatic shower cleaner hanging on the shower head. Since I'm used to leaning my head back to wash out shampoo and to rinse my face. But now when I do my familiar backwards motion, bang, my head hits this big automatic machine hanging there. Not good.

But what can I say? Honey, your shower cleaning thing sucks? Honey, I threw away the shower cleaner? You can't do that. You can just grin and bear it until it becomes clear that it's not making any difference. Like when we're on the third or fourth refill.

Anyway, how hard would it've been to just buy some spritz on stuff, and spritz it on the mildew directly, and let it eat its way free of food? We really don't need it up there whirling around in a widely dispersed area when the problem is more localized.

But hey, that's just me!

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