Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Manxman Beauty

I'm watching this Alfred Hitchcock silent film from 1929, "The Manxman." These scenes are from the beginning. I'm looking at Kate Cregeen played by Anny Ondra and thinking, Wow, she's great looking! She doesn't have that weirded out old fashioned look at you see in lots of 1920s pictures. Instead very fresh and natural.

But let's say I was an eligible bachelor and she wouldn't be around 100 years old now, I still wouldn't want to face her gruff old dad, Caesar Cregeen played by Randle Ayrton. That's Pete Quilliam played by Carl Brisson getting the evil eye for his efforts, and looking like he's about to blow a gasket.

I'm just a little farther than this watching the film. Pete's getting ready to go to Africa to make his fortune, with the idea of coming back to reclaim Kate. Unfortunately, there's others around who happen to notice some of her obvious virtues as well.

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