Friday, March 26, 2010

Did John Edwards Burn Down A Courthouse?

Here's one I wasn't expecting, which in my mind raises more questions than can be answered presently. But we can make some very good educated guesses!

The short story is that a courthouse in North Carolina, the very courthouse where they were keeping the John Edwards sex tape, was destroyed by fire. Officials aren't saying for sure what might have happened, but they're checking John Edwards for signs of smoke odor. And match DNA on his fingers. If they make a match they'll find out where the match was. In his hot little hand!

The speculation here -- my own -- is that something terrible happened. My own suspicion, and I have no more facts at my disposal, is that Edwards probably had something to do with it. That there's something on that sex tape, if nothing more than the sex act itself, that he doesn't want us to see. But is he willing to burn down an entire courthouse? My guess is an unqualified yes.

One, simply to burn the office where the tape was kept would be too obvious. As it is, though, the drastic measures he must have taken -- torching the whole place -- is also very obvious. He might be thinking he'll get off on account of reverse psychology, that since it's so obvious he did it we won't believe it to be true. There is something to that. Because even though I'm certain he did it, I still have to wonder, Did he really?

Did he really? That's the question. Would it be worth it to him to burn down a courthouse to destroy one sex tape? Because there's probably nothing on the sex tape that we haven't all seen a million times. Body parts are interchangeable. Just because they're his in this instance doesn't make them unique. The whole thing is ho-hum. Really, sex is the same as shaking hands, you're just using different organs to get the job done. Whether it's John Edwards or Hugh Hefner, what's the big deal?

The fact is, John Edwards better pray that that courthouse had insurance, or he's going to be out a hefty fine. Plus, no one likes a firebug.

UPDATE: Thankfully the tape survived, despite Edwards' best efforts. But even if it hadn't, we can all guess what it showed. The actual tape can't be any worse than our imagination, in which we can picture the scene in its entirety, from its tentative beginning to the satisfied collapse at the end.

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