Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When Will The Republicans "Get It"?

Is this really tough stuff to get? The idea that statesmanship is still possible in this country, and desirable.

There's no reason to be such enemies that we have to have death threats, cut gas lines, children being targeted, and all the other outrageous things that the Tea Party activists, mostly aligned with the Republicans, have been doing.

John Boehner just the other day suggested that a particular Democratic congressman wouldn't be able to go back to his district or he'd be "a dead man." That kind of language is the same as inciting violence. And at Boehner's level of power and responsibility, you'd think he'd know better.

We need to get back the concept of "the loyal opposition," where we accept that we're all Americans with different opinions in some cases, but that shouldn't mean we're trying to kill one another. Good grief, have the Republicans so lost their moral compass that they can't get this simple, basic truth?

Remember, they used to be called the party of law and order! Those were the days!

If this other thing, the way of violence and hatred, is what they've decided to carve out for themselves, then they need to be dealt with through the law and prosecuted. Make an example of a few of them, and perhaps the others will finally get the message.

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