Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pizza Hut $10 Deal Small Print

There must be some small print on the Pizza Hut TV ad that I didn't notice.

I thought I heard them unambiguously say words to the effect of Any pizza, any crust, any toppings, $10. No nothing about any kind of exclusions.

But like I say, there could've been some small print to tamp down the deal so you couldn't go hog wild. I know when I first heard it on TV, I was saying, What if a guy ordered 100 toppings? Because it definitely sounded unambiguously like there were no limits.

Well, what something sounds like on TV (a $10 pizza, any pizza, any crust, any toppings) ended up being a $12 pizza and would've been a $14 pizza except we canceled the last $2 topping.

Because somewhere in the small print, which we didn't see, must be a clause that says it's only good for three toppings. Because that's what the phone person at Pizza Hut said, After that it's $2 per topping.

I really can see why they wouldn't want it to be unlimited. But what I can't see is how they can make an ad like that that makes it sound so unambiguous. Then they spring it on you when you call or when you show up.

I've never understood why a big corporate place, Pizza Hut or anyone, wants to make their customers mad by seeming to over promise, then when it comes time to deliver, it's just a disappointment. So I'm sitting there saying, No more "$10" pizzas!

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