Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Have Way Too Many Possessions

Now that I'm moving, getting boxes packed, and it seems like an endless process, I've made a resolution, that I will thin down in the years to come as far as my possessions go. That is my vow.

As it is now, I'm thinning out. I probably have 40 boxes of books and other stuff that I'm going to be getting rid of. And I know I have more to go. The problem is there aren't enough thrift shops to get rid of it all, assuming they have an upper limit of what they will accept. I don't know. I feel embarrassed to show up with a ton of stuff.

Some of it I hope to sell. Not really for the sake of the money. But for the sake of someone else hauling it out of my house. That'd be worth money to me right there, and if I can get them to pay me a pittance for the stuff, so much the better. I'm not pricing it anywhere what it's "book value" would be, because I need to get rid of it.

And the stuff I'm packing and taking with me, like I said, I vow to get rid of much of it in the years to come. Bit by bit. I hope I can be frugal about buying more stuff. How much happier and lighter I would surely be if I didn't have the albatross of a stuffed moving van around my neck all the time. And I'm not happier for having a million different things.

You could really get injured moving boxes of books and records and things around. My back hurts, I'm tired, my hands are sore from grasping the handles on boxes, and I'm saying Never again. Some higher power will help my in the future to thin down ... or my name isn't D.B. Kundalini!

When it comes to possessions, I don't know who's possessing whom?

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