Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dare We Hope? Health Care Reform

It sounds like everything is starting to align so that the Congress will actually get something accomplished as far as health care reform goes. But it's still being presented as a nail biter, like the votes aren't quite there yet. That sucks. I want a slam dunk.

Our health care system in America is a disgrace. The premiums go up incessantly and the benefits go down at the same time. You're forever dealing with the concept of "pre-existing conditions" and wondering if you'd be accepted or rejected. It's a system, that if it had any actual design behind it, you'd say was designed by sadists. Or Republicans, not trying to be redundant.

Speaking of Republicans, if we ever find out what planet these aliens came from, I'm all for an embargo on immigration between there and here. Their idea of the common good is no idea. If I had the opinions the Republicans in Congress (and Fox News and talk radio) have, I would immediately seek psychiatric help, if I weren't committed by someone before I got there. How it is they're able to walk around freely without some kind of mandatory meds check, I don't know.

Certainly the ones in Congress are a pack of wolves or a brood of vipers, whichever predatory nuisance you're most uncomfortable with. The idea that they're going to use every underhanded trick to demagogue this thing and obstruct it is sickening to me. It'd be great, if they're so against health care coverage for everyone else, if they voluntarily gave up their own and that of their children. But of course that would require principles.

The Republicans' big idea is to "promise" to repeal health care reform after the next election. We would greet this with several hoots, since the idea of someone not wanting affordable health care seems unbelievable to me. It's like if the cost of gas went down and the Republicans "promised" to raise it again as soon as they got back in office. We would say ... "Huh?"

I'm all for rewarding the Democrats if they are somehow able to get their act together and get this done. Why it took them so long, and why it's not already a done deal, is beyond me. But the ways of corporate pigs at the trough are not my ways.

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