Sunday, March 21, 2010

OK, They're Going To Get It Done

I like the sound of things. It sounds and looks like the Democrats have the 216 (plus) votes to pass the health care bill.

I also like the sound of what that means for the future, that the Democrats will get the credit for actually getting something done that will do America some good. The Republicans, on the other hand, will get no credit, only the blame for doing nothing and voting no.

It's a terrible scene, what the Republicans have encouraged in all these Tea Party wackos, where every third person to them is Hitler, LOL, or someone out to end their "way of life." As to what "way of life" that is precisely, they seem fairly miserable, so maybe good riddance to it!

I'll tell you, if we end the "way of life" of pre-existing conditions, the "way of life" of being canceled when you get sick, the "way of life" of endless premium increases, and the "way of life" of no insurance and people dying early because of it ... then certainly good riddance to it!

This stuff ought to be a no-brainer. Except it was the Republicans who were the ones who had no brain. Maybe something in the bill will provide a way for them to get a brain transplant. We know they have a major pre-existing condition, since you'd like to have something to work with. But, hey, even Dr. Frankenstein had to start somewhere.

The rabble is threatening violence, they're calling out the N word, calling people faggots, and they've probably got the kerosene on their brooms by now. They want us to think they're the true American people. Ha, that's a laugh. If anything, they're traitors to this country. They don't embody our values and aren't seeking what the Constitution calls a "more perfect union."

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