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Conductor Bert Haid -- Random News

This news is from The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, Fort Wayne, IN, Jan. 24, 1913, p. 15, in a column called "Wawaka News":
Conductor Bert Haid, who has been off duty several weeks on account of illness, resumed his run on the plug this morning.
What else happened in the life of Bert Haid that made the news?

1913 -- G.C. Griffith of Toledo is relief conductor for Bert Haid, while the latter is at Grand Rapids on a visit. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, July 25, 1913, p. 6).

1914 -- Bert Haid is visiting friends in Wawaka. (Fort Wayne News, April 29, 1914, p. 4).

1917 -- (Bert is a conductor with the New York Central lines.) Two men stole some clothes from him. One of the men, Joseph Rogers, later in custody, tried to escape, but after a ten-minute tussle was overpowered, double handcuffed and taken to jail. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, March 13, 1917, p. 3).

Joseph Rogers, who stole Bert Haid's clothes, was given a sentence to the reformatory at Jeffersonville this afternoon by Judge Wrigley. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, March 29, 1917, p. 8).

Bert has been compelled to be off duty several days on account of illness, but is now up and about again. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, April 17, 1917, p. 2).

Mrs. Bert Haid was the guest of Ligonier relatives today. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, Dec. 7, 1917, p. 27).

1919 -- Bert Haid was among that big crowd at Toledo yesterday. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, July 5, 1919, p. 2).

What big crowd? In Toledo, Ohio, July 4, Jack Dempsey defeated Jess Willard in three rounds to become the world's champion heavyweight boxer. It was a very hot Fourth of July, with the thermometer at 110 degrees. How big was the crowd at Toledo? There was a Methodist conference in Columbus, at which officials estimated there were more than 110,000 persons. This was said to nearly triple the number who witnessed the Willard-Dempsey fight at Toledo. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, July 5, 1919, p. 1).

John Haid celebrated his eighty-sixth birthday last Friday at the home of his niece, Mrs. Beanda Hall, at Chicago. A roasted pig was served and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Among the guests were Mrs. and Mrs. Lou Haid, of Wawaka; Mr. and Mrs. Bert Haid, of Kendallville, and Mr. and Mrs. H.G. Williams and son, Clarence, and wife, of Toledo. (Fort Wayne News and Sentinel, Dec. 16, 1919, p. 27).

Mrs. Bert Haid is the guest of friends at Elkhart. (Fort Wayne News and Sentinel, Dec. 22, 1919, p. 33).

These items were found at It's not necessarily exhaustive, since I only searched for "Bert Haid." But the top entry (pictured above, from Jan. 24, 1913) didn't show up on the search. The print is fairly broken up. So it's likely that there's other Bert Haid news out there.

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