Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Tea Party Wackos

How is it all these deadbeat Tea Party wackos have all the time in the world to always be in Washington, D.C., waving their flags (they want to secede, you know), and shouting insults at everyone?

Now we have reports that they've been spitting on people, shouting the N word, calling people "faggots," and who knows what all else?! And they have Republican members of Congress right there supporting them. Is it any wonder the Republicans in Congress can't legitimately be called the "loyal opposition" any more. They're traitors to our country's great heritage and values ... is what they are.

What is it these cretins want? We're not sure, but we know that if President Obama supports it, they're automatically against it. It seems like they're very PRO Constitution, except in the sense that the Constitution allows those in the majority to vote by majority vote to get certain things done. They're very ANTI the idea that anyone who disagrees with them would also have an agenda that they would like to enact.

And by the way, how is it these crazy people have free run of the Capitol building? I thought there was some kind of security system there to protect our representatives. If they're just congregating, wandering the hall, shouting down the representatives, calling names, spitting, etc., isn't there any penalty for that sort of thing? You mean anyone can just go in the Capitol and make a public nuisance of themselves?

These people are terrible. I believe this is the same bunch of idiots who don't want government health care: "Just keep your hands off our Medicare!" LOL.

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