Monday, February 23, 2009

The Daily Republicans Post

I'm not going to write a daily post lambasting the Republicans. But I think it'd be an interesting concept if there were a million blogs and each one wrote a daily post doing just that. Pretty soon the internet would be nothing but page after page skewering the Republicans, thereby leading to their great final demise. Then we'd have nothing to write about. We would just sit around archiving all our articles on the Republicans and burying them in a time capsule.

There used to be this guy in Congress. He might have been Fulbright of Arkansas. In the Congressional Record every single day this guy had an article in opposition to genocide. I used to work at a place where we got the Congressional Record. I heard about it, that he did this. So I used to go get it, look it up, and see what he had to say that day. Maybe his staff wrote it. I never documented them in any way so I don't know if they were literally different everyday, but I always assumed they were. When I think about writing about the same topic over and over, like lambasting the Republicans, it's those articles about genocide that I think of. I'm sure the guy has to be dead or retired by now; that would be a given.

But what is it about the Republicans? They're simply hateful. Hateful toward the President. Hateful toward the people. Hateful toward our traditions and our well being. It's absurd. Don't they live here too? Don't they have children and grandchildren? How can one part, ostensibly that could represent half the populace, be such pinheads and still be able to maintain a modicum of power. It's weird, because it seems like the less power they have the more we hear from them.

Now we have President Obama's valiant attempts to get the economy harnessed again. And the Republicans are out there on a daily basis trying to do a work of political genocide on the guy and all of us (since I'm thinking of that word.) They think if they can sink America that will do them good two or four years from now when they swoop in to make it worse yet. That's weird. They want power so they can make it worse yet! Again, where are their grandchildren? Do they club them to death so they won't be around to witness their shenanigans? Probably.

It's just so weird that while George Bush was running his criminal presidency the Republicans had nothing to complain about. But they're in a Bizarro world. He could do any kind of foul deed, and tended to exceed himself time and time again, and he was a patriot to them, a great guy. They certainly offered nothing to suggest they had any problem with him. But now we get a smart, honest, decent guy, and the Republicans are completely up in arms. Before The President = The State, now he can do nothing right. You tell me.

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