Friday, February 06, 2009

Next Phony Controversy, Please

What, no stories of breaking off typewriter keys? This is the phoniness the Republicans have come up with this time? That not wearing a jacket in the Oval Office is a sign of disrespect for the office, the presidency, the constitution, motherhood, apple pie, and torture?

According to Andy Card, former Chief of Idiots in the Bush years, if Obama decides he works best in a shirt sans jacket, he's doing a bad thing. Leaving behind all questions of what business this is, precisely, of Andy's, since Obama is free to do what he wants; and leaving behind all discussion of how men's fashions have changed over the years, making it nothing close to a question of absolutes; let us wonder, is Andy 100 per cent consistent on this topic? For if he is, then the photo above of St. George W. Bush ought to give him pause. What is this my beholding eyes are witnessing? Could it be his jacket was at the cleaners that day? Did a terrorist steal it? After all, Bush was looking for WMD in the Oval Office, so terrorists could have been there...

Good grief, imagine, Andy's looking to GEORGE BUSH for the standard of what's right! Ha ha. Who are some of his other heroes? Capone, Dillinger?

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