Saturday, February 14, 2009

McCain's Loss Such A Blessing

John McCain used to command some respect in a bipartisan sense. Then he decided to run a desperate campaign based on lies and the politics of personal destruction, and of course the respect dried up.

Yet, President Obama (then President-elect) reached out to him, and just like all through the campaign, was gracious to the point of being nauseatingly so, as far as I'm concerned. He called McCain in, let him sit in a nice chair, then said nice things about him. McCain sat there in a nice way. He's a lot like a delinquent child. As long as they sit quietly they seem pleasant, but it never lasts long.

Now, with the economy ("The fundamentals of our economy are strong") completely tanking -- and there's an obvious need for bold leadership, to get this stinking thing raised from the dead -- McCain is only there with carping, complaining, and the usual venom that comes from his mouth. At least in the campaign he was usually just the Old Man Shaking His Fist Against The Clouds. Now he's back hoping to sink the entire country.

What a blessing McCain lost. As he has shown since Jan. 20, he's not looking for something new, something that might help. He voted to continue the Bush economic agenda, even after eight years of proven failure! With all the disgusting things that happened under Bush's mismanagement, McCain says Let's have more of the same! This is what we could have had had McCain become president!

So thank God John McCain didn't win the presidency. No, really, thank God: "God, thank you that John McCain did not win the presidency. We are so much better off with Obama."

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