Sunday, February 15, 2009

Illinois GOP Leader Calls On Burris To Resign

The headline says it all. He's a GOP leader. Who, exactly? I'm not even going to look because it doesn't make any difference. These Republicans are interchangeable.

But he's an Illinois guy, who ought to leave well enough alone. But that's something the Republicans seem to be incapable of doing. These guys sicken me quite thoroughly.

In other Republican news, we have a loudmouth out there who's familiar to us all, John McCain, still doing his angry old man schtick. He can't get over it that Obama beat the pants off him. After he squarely told the Republican convention, "I won't let you down!" Obama, on the other hand, has been nothing but gracious to the old loser. But McCain's like a rabid dog, so I don't suppose shots would help at this point.

The Republican plan is to keep Franken out, deny Minnesota representation. Now call Burris into question. They can't beat the Democrats fair and square, how about going behind the scenes and making a commotion?

Very sickening creatures ... Republicans.

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