Thursday, February 26, 2009

No Do-Over Elections

Norm Coleman lost the Senate race in Minnesota. But it's all tangled up in red tape. And now, right from the horse's mouth we have the suggestion that they might need a do-over election.

This is ridiculous. Haven't we always known that elections could be decided by a narrow margin, and that's why "every vote counts"? Just because it's within a certain percentage, that's no reason to cast out all the votes from election day. That is the reason to have a recount, which has now been done. Get Al Franken in the Senate. Don't delay another day with this fool, Norm Coleman.

They don't want to disenfrancise anyone. But that's exactly what they'd be doing, because you're not going to get 100% of the people who went out to vote on election day at a do-over. So that means the votes they voted on that day wouldn't count. Their voices would be set aside just for the ego (and bad will) of this terrible guy.

We ought to hold Norm Coleman accountable. He said on election day or the day after that if he were behind, as it appeared Al Franken was at that point, that he would concede, in order to save the taxpayers money and trouble. But now that Coleman is behind, he's using every means -- hook AND crook -- to drag it out and perhaps to steal the election after all. Hold him accountable. The standard he set that day ought to be the standard we go by now.

Minnesota is being cheated out of representation. And they are, to a certain extent, cheating themselves. This ought to be something everyone's up in arms about. Norm Coleman is a scoundrel. The Republicans are scoundrels. He needs to be declared the official loser, then run out of town and perhaps the state on a rail.

No do-overs!

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