Friday, February 20, 2009


Put another quarter in the vibrating bed, dear, 'cause there's not much life left in you. Possibly a good country song for some creative composer.

Stopped by a rubbish sale today. Didn't find much.

Learned at Dairy Queen: They sell enough bananas each year for banana splits that it would meet the needs of 43,552 monkeys for one full year. It's been a long time since I've had a banana split. Years in fact. So thanks to me there's at least a few monkeys who are still being fed.

I saw the CD "Now That's What I Call Music" number 8 today, but it was pretty messy, so I didn't get it. I really didn't recognize many songs on it but would like to have the entire series. I only have a few so I know it's not realistic that this rate. I looked at the notes and it was dedicated to Aaliyah, someone I'm not familiar with. She has a song on it and it said she died in a plane crash. They also listed the others who died at the same time. By saying I'm not familiar with her, it does seem to ring a bell that a celebrity singer died back then (2001) and I do remember seeing the name somewhere. The name I think of for someone who died, and again I think in a plane crash [turns out it was a car wreck], was Left Eye Lopes, from TLC. Anyway, I didn't get the number 8 CD, but that doesn't mean I won't go back tomorrow and get it. A little toothpaste on it, rub it around and it might play OK.

I don't mind sneezing two or three times. But today, with a cold, I've sneezed at least 20 times. It gets old after a while.

That banana trivia from DQ reminds me of an article I read a month or so ago, that bananas (as we know them) are endangered. Because of something like this: they had to breed bananas in a particular way to get them the way we want them. But it might be that the strain is too narrow and thereby threatened by disease or other negative conditions. So eat up now while you still have the chance!

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