Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cutie Pie

Here's a darling little figurine I found today. I'm calling him Cutie Pie. Very nice, except for the little brown stain under his cheek.

In other news today I came across a video tape that I shot over 20 years ago. I didn't remember the tape and it wasn't labeled very well. I didn't think it was labeled at all. It all seemed blank, but then under the plastic on the insert that came with cases, it was one I took with a camera at the end of '88 and beginning of '89. We watched some of it. It was of our family, looking 20 years younger and it was definitely a different world from everything we're used to now.

It reminds me that none of this stuff is being remembered very well. We need to document every move we make, so that someday, when presumably we've quit documenting every move we're making, we'll have time to watch what we were doing way back when. Sometimes it's fun to see yourself looking completely different.

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